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Crowd Knows it is a free marketplace for the US business and individual taxpayers to find the licensed tax and accounting professionals for all of their accounting needs.


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How it works?

Our confidence is based on years of experience and a deep understanding of the profession, clients needs, and client care standards.
We do share various important tax updates and therefore becoming a part of our network may help you save money with timely tax tips, again…

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If you are searching for qualified professional tax or accounting help, you are likely to find the right match at

This is a free service to the prospective clients as well as the tax professionals involved. You are welcome to post your project at any time. free of charge!

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What is our core philosophy?
We strive to connect the public to the tax and accounting services at the right price. We have designed our marketplace to encourage professionals to show their interest in your project only when they are looking for clients.
How do we ensure that you are in the right hands?
All those who get a chance to view your project are verified license holders in one or more of the following categories: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in a US state, Enrolled Agent (EA) admitted to represent clients.
What is the best strategy to post a project?
When entering information about your situation, please do so without providing any personal details in the description box. Your name and the name of your entity will be automatically encrypted. No need to mention any names.
What is beyond finding your star tax adviser?
Our online communication platform (OCoP) provides an ideal environment for productive collaboration. It has many features to help with tax management tasks.

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